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First aid trainer


User-friendly Application Operated AED Trainer

A training device that can realistically train the user of an AED. Several scenarios make it possible to simulate different resuscitation situations.


Associated to a manikin, the CardiAngel AED Trainer provides training for the whole resuscitation process.

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Controlled Remotely via the Mobile App

The CardiAngel AED Trainer is a training device that enables a wide variety of resuscitation situations, thereby providing realistic AED training. Equipped with Bluetooth, the CardiAngel AED Trainer can now be controlled remotely via the new mobile app "Defi training ".


The app offers many functions:


  • Control of the scenario: play, stop, pause and fast forward

  • Creation of your own personalized scenario

  • Configuration of the device: semi or fully automatic, device language, CPR duration and much more

  • 25 languages

CardiAngel AED Trainer
Automatic Defibrillator

Repositionable training electrodes to train the positioning of the electrodes on the torso


The CardiAngel AED Trainer delivers detailed step-by-step instructions to the user


During the chest compression phase performed on the manikin, the CardiAngel AED Trainer indicates the rhythm to follow using the metronome


Simplicity is Our Priority

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