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Private Alev Schools installed 4 CardiAngel Life-Saving Defibrillators Across the Campus and proudly takes the forefront as a Cardiac Protected School.

cardiangel at school

We are thrilled to share a significant development from Private Alev School in Istanbul, Turkey. In a proactive move to enhance safety and well-being across their campus, the school has recently installed 4 CardiAngel fully automated defibrillators in key locations.

These life-saving devices are now stationed in the Primary and Middle School, Kindergarten, High School, and the Sports Hall. With these CardiAngel Life-Saving Defibrillators installations, students and staff at Private Alev School are now equipped with immediate cardiac protection, ensuring swift response in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

This initiative underscores the school's unwavering commitment to the safety and welfare of its educational community. By proactively investing in cardiac protection measures, Private Alev School sets a commendable standard for ensuring a secure and supportive learning environment.

cardiangel at school

The implementation of these defibrillators not only reflects the school's dedication to preparedness but also highlights its proactive approach to addressing potential health emergencies. As the well-being of students and staff remains paramount, Private Alev School continues to prioritize safety measures that uphold its reputation as a caring and responsible educational institution.


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